And One More from Robert Clergerie

I should have mentioned that this season, I’m really loving dressy brogues. I think they give a great fashion finish to an otherwise classic look. All the better if they shine ♡…. like this pair from Robert Clergerie….


New Season Robert Clergerie

This season’s collection from Robert Clergerie ticks so many boxes.  Subtle, beautifully designed shoes that are trans-seasonal (love that word) and trans-occasional (made that one up!). Investment shoes that would revive any tired wardrobe. Below are some of my favourites.  Check out the full collection here.






I love Pinterest, my online scrapbook. It’s so clever and completely addictive. I press my “pin it” button constantly for fear that I might forget about something great and marvel in the knowledge that my web finds are safely stored for easy recall. I know it’s brilliant because I wonder how on earth I ever kept track of my online life and loves before.

My only complaint is that as time passes, my boards are getting a bit chaotic (story of my life!) and I would love to be able to group and archive some older ones. So……. while I’m waiting for Pinterest to catch up with me ☺ ……. I’m not, what you might call, “with plan” and seem to have evolved into pinning by item rather than by month. Check out Dresses, Shoes and Coats for some recent updates.

Until the next time……… xx

Top Shoes from Topshop

When it comes to shoes, I am weak and all sense goes out the window. I forget how painful walking in 5 inch heels is after the first 30 seconds and the innate guilt that works hard to keep my finances in check is uncerimoniously blindsided. Sooooo….. there is nobody more excited than me when the high street gets it bang on and I can abandon myself to those wonderful shoe feelings without the scary price tag.  Topshop is, in my opinion, failsafe for designer inspired high street feet treats. There are so many.  Here are some of my favourites, click the image for details.

From Robert Clergerie-esque sandals …..



To Marni-ish fringes that I love….32K25DNAT_3_normal32R32ETAN_3_large








and cute lace ups…32J21EBLA_3_normal32K19EGLD_3_normalTopshop has it all.

Weekly Wish



I’m a huge fan of Consuelo Castiglioni and  all things MARNI.  Simple, pared back design and shape that is genius.  Fabrics, Textures, Colour, incredible unique eclectic Prints, then add The Most Beautiful Shoes Ever, Bags and Accessories to die for and that’s MARNI! is headed by Consuelo‘s  muse like daughter Carolina and is a joy to navigate.   A virtual store that invites you into the MARNI experience  and almost makes you feel like you’re in Milano!  Make sure to check out their  WAFFLING blog and their quarterly online magazine  ANTICAMERA.   I hope you love it too!