Hems and the High Street

I’ve always liked the idea of hems that hang a few inches below a skirt.  I don’t mean a flimsy hem but rather a strong line that adds length and structure to a look.  Every summer I tell myself I’m going to buy silk organza in black, navy and cream and get a dressmaker to make me 3 slightly below the knee, straight, back slit for movement, double fabric big hem for stiffness, fitted under skirt .  Can you visualize??  I love the idea of wearing them under a-line skirts and dresses from the high street that would be otherwise too short…..


e2dae867a3821840200a2045eaa71689386043107d6b674d77b3fee6dfc0625bAre you getting my drift??  (Inspiration compliments of past season Marni)