I love Pinterest, my online scrapbook. It’s so clever and completely addictive. I press my “pin it” button constantly for fear that I might forget about something great and marvel in the knowledge that my web finds are safely stored for easy recall. I know it’s brilliant because I wonder how on earth I ever kept track of my online life and loves before.

My only complaint is that as time passes, my boards are getting a bit chaotic (story of my life!) and I would love to be able to group and archive some older ones. So……. while I’m waiting for Pinterest to catch up with me ☺ ……. I’m not, what you might call, “with plan” and seem to have evolved into pinning by item rather than by month. Check out Dresses, Shoes and Coats for some recent updates.

Until the next time……… xx

Pretty Frocks from YOOX

I have had a lovely time this morning looking at dresses on If I was in the market for a special Spring/Summer number, I can confidently say that this is a very good place to start. Yoox have an excellent returns policy which makes them very easy to deal with. I’ve set up a new dresses pinterest board to gather frocks that caught my eye.  What I looked at is the tip of the iceberg, you could spend hours browsing Yoox and find loads more ……  Here are just a few of my favourites….

Giambattista Valli