In a New York State of Mind

I’m just back from a trip to New York and even in the soaring heat, what a great city it is!   From Barneys to Macys and everything in between…..Wonderful!  Best shopping for me was wandering around the streets of Chelsea and Downtown Manhatten.  Taking in the ambience of The Meatpacking District, Greenwich/West Village, Soho……  Everything I love,  filled with street after street of food and shopping treasures!

I loved the feel of Orla Kielys Soho shop. Open plan on one side, showing the beautiful  Spring/Summer ’13 collection (on sale and failsafe when it comes to buying a pretty frock).  What makes it unique though, is the other side: designed like a life size doll’s house, filled with Orla’s mid-century inspired home delights. Oh yes!….  And then the 60’s caravan parked at the end.  It made me feel like I should really consider just throwing away everything I own and convert to a life  filled with pretty dresses, swaying in a summer breeze, on a forever vintage holiday by the sea.  Alas, that’s not on the agenda, so instead I sat down and took a moment to enjoy the air conditioning and design….. A cool haven on a hot day!



I do feel I should share that my favourite thing in the whole of New York was free and for all to enjoy.  The Highline:  Built on an old railway, this amazing elevated  line of green park sits among the cityscape like a surprise present.  Stretching from 30th to 14th at 10th Avenue, it differs from other parks as it doesn’t really remove you from the business of the city , it merely lifts you above it! An oasis from where  you can look down and take in the incredible views of the Hudson and New Jersey to one side and the city to the other. It’s like no other green space I know and is loaded with inspiration for an amateur city gardener like me.


And now….. Back to the real world, of unpacking chaotic suitcases, clothes mountain and long grass….. Welcome home 🙂

7 thoughts on “In a New York State of Mind

  1. Thank you for that lovely post! New York is on my bucket list. Yes, I know, I can hardly believe it myself that I have NEVER been. And there`s a whole ton of things I must do when I get there. I`ve read about the Highline too. What a brilliant idea. I`m not an Orla K fan but I can see her appeal and love the pics here.

    Welcome back to Ireland in full blown summer mode!

  2. Totally agree, New York City is a fab-u-lous city…
    such great spots on Orla Kiely‘s + The Highline…
    enjoyed it all very much; loved the pics + info…
    am now in a New York state of mind too 😉

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