Dsquared² Desire

Ok, this one is just for drooling over!

I know it’s wildly expensive but I just had to share its gorgeousness….. ♡♡♡♡

It’s all in the detail…..


Or if you would prefer a Blazer….


For an inspiration fix check out the Dsquared² website here

4 thoughts on “Dsquared² Desire

  1. The shape of that dress suits me. Not the colour though. Couldn`t access the collection on the D2 website though. Seems to be via registration only?

  2. It’s a great shape! I always look out for it on the high street (at more accessible prices!). Yellow can be tricky to wear but it’s so pretty and girlie that I think I might be tempted to try it (maybe) with black sandals and a black cardi (to pare it back a little). I’m not registered on the D² website, I went in through shop online and looked there. Then I put ‘dress’ into the search and up they popped. Hope this works for you 🙂

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