Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream SPF50


Last week, in dire need of a new foundation, I decided to try Kiehl’s new BB cream. I’m a bit of a sucker for ingredients, like vitamin c, that in theory help keep my skin plump and moist, but  mostly I was attracted to the fact that it’s SPF50. I am very aware of the damage that sun exposure inflicts on fair skin like mine. I have in the past used a moisturizer and foundation both with SPF15 but am conscious that a stronger factor incorporated into my every day routine would be a smart move.

The BB cream phenomenon is such because of all it promises to do……  It moisturizes, protects, evens out skin tone, hides blemishes and glows!!!  Check out this Cosmopolitan article if you’re not converted yet!

So, one week on and how am I doing?  I’m putting it on both my face and neck, over moisturizer.  It’s quick to apply (time-consuming products never have a long life with me) and knowing that I am wearing Sun Protection Factor 50 immediately makes me feel less concerned about being outdoors.  Other than that, I like the colour (natural), I was a little worried that the high factor coverage might add a white hue to my skin tone and am relieved to report that this is not the case.  Yes I like it and will continue using it, happy in the knowledge that it’s working hard to protect me.  How am I looking?   I’m told I’m looking brighter 🙂

I bought it locally  from Kiehl’s Dundrum Town Centre, €29.00 for 30 mls, or its available online direct from for £23.50.

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