Fairytales and Russian Princesses

Autumn 2012 from style.com
Summer 2013 from style.com

Like so many little girls, when I was pre teens (I think!!), I sometimes used to daydream about living the life of a princess. You know…… meet my prince….. fall hopelessly in love……. live in a beautiful palace…… happily ever after…… wearing the most fabulous romantic creations ever. If I were to be completely honest, it  was more about the beautiful long dresses, with sparkly princess heels and diamond tiaras, and less about the prince!

The reason I am remembering this now, many years later, is down to amazing Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko and her stunning designs.  It’s as if she was there in the background taking notes and planning the perfect ‘fairytale meets life’ collections to fit all our dreams.  Sergeenko tells a wonderful story through design: Russian elegance that befits the most enthralling heroine, taking her from her humble roots to her prince and her castle.  How good is that!  Click on the pictures above for more Ulyana.

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