Orla Kiely Take 3

If, like me, Christmas time brings you a few extra social occasions in an other words quiet life, then, like me, you like to push the boat out and make an effort!  This Christmas, I bought a cute dress that brought me loads of places  and I loved it. I borrowed a pair of vintage Balenciaga shoes (divine!) from my sister, spent some time on my hair and make-up and was good to go……. almost.  Oh Dear!  Every time, I checked my reflection on the way out,  my large daytime hold all bag, which I love dearly all other times, just didn’t sparkle!  So I’m  thinking that this January  when I have a little Christmas money given with love, to be spent on me (no January guilt please) and taking into account that my waistband needs a little tweaking (so no joy in clothes shopping at the moment), this sale season might be the perfect time to invest in a girl bag.

So…… onto the Orla Kiely website to investigate my options…….. and look what I found…… 3 bags that would so do the trick.  I love the vintage vibe and am torn between the 2 holly bags. They feel like something I might have found in my mum’s wardrobe from the fifties or sixties….. Think Doris Day! Will I play safe with patent claret or will I go gold?  By next  Winter I will love the fact that whichever I might choose is not current season, but rather has been loved by me for 1 whole year!  Now to get my hands on those vintage Balenciagas again…….


Gold Oval Stem Jacquard Clutch Bag
from £205 down to £123
Holly Bag from £330 down to £214.50
Holly Bag from £330 down to £214.50

5 thoughts on “Orla Kiely Take 3

  1. I love the after christmas sales, when designer goods drops to 25% of the original price, maybe lower! I don’t have Christmas MOney, I have Christmas credit

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