Brixton Village Market

Have you ever been to Brixton Market?  I hadn’t until the weekend.  We were looking for somewhere fun to eat on Saturday evening  and  Cornercopia  in the Market  came recommended by some trusted cool foodie friends who had been there and loved it!!

The market itself, is made up of  little inside streets, laid out neatly in rows and full of  quirky, interesting  small shops and restaurants.  What can I say…..  Buzzing!  The community feel, the laid back village vibe, the amazing  South London street fashion that fills the seats along the little streets, I’m talking uber cool!   It really is a venue for people watching, and trying to work out how such eclectic gatherings form.  It could take up your whole evening!

Cornercopia is a quirky corner shop, full of locally sourced produce, all of which looks gorgeous.  From honey made by South London bees to Brixton Pound Sauce, where all the ingredients are sourced in the market itself.  Amazing! This ‘keeping it local’ slant carries over to their small restaurant.

The restaurant has a tiny intimate inside eating area, which looks very inviting, but most of the tables are outside.   When I say outside, I mean, outside the restaurant, inside the covered market with heaters and blankets!!   We enjoyed straight forward tasty English cooking  and surprisingly good English red wine at our little red table.  The staff had a friendly and pleasant but no frills approach, almost like they  thought you should be more involved in looking after yourself.   I mean this in a positive way, a bit like the way your sister might make you feel!!  It was good and made the evening all the more interesting!

After dinner, we spent a while wandering the little streets, soaking up the atmosphere.  I would love to have had a look around  the quirky vintage shops  but unfortunately it was almost 10pm and they were shut.  Their windows were enough to make me think that I’ll be back for lunch…..  As for all the little restaurants…… Next time I think I’ll try Honest Burgers.  I’ve heard good things and it looks delicious!

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