The Scarf

There is nothing more elegant than a head scarf, and nobody better to show us how it’s done than Audrey Hepburn…… is a wonderful website for buying and selling vintage goods and is worth a visit if only to look at their superb collection of vintage scarves.

Personally, I love to tie them in a bow like this:

Or wear them in my hair like this:

I think I’ll spend some time this week going through the scarves I’ve gathered over the years to see if there’s any life left in them and check if they’d  be up for a come back!

14 thoughts on “The Scarf

  1. I started enjoying scarves then seemed to get drawn into vintage. And now really appreciate the history and what to look out for. I go to Shoreditch for scarves and also Peekaboo in London. Online I tend to watch some great ones come up but they sell quick. I have my scarves displayed in my bedroom and my special ones I have framed around the house. It is difficult to get them framed well as they have to mounted in a special way, but they look beautiful on the wall, especially with a wall light.

    • Hi Sara Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You ve given me loads of food for thought…. I’m off now to check out the scarf boutique online! Thanks again 🙂

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