Weekly Wish

Garance Doré

This week I found Garance Doré‘s blog

It has been a wonderful addition to my web life. I realize, NOW, that Garance Doré‘s talent and authenticity is greatly respected in the fashion world but if like me, you have not always being paying attention, maybe I’m telling you something you don’t know.

Garance Doré is not just interesting and informative (and she is both, in spades), she is also really likable. There is a feeling of accessibility that welcomes you, invites you in and thoroughly engages you .  I recommend that you make your coffee and get comfortable before you indulge, as it really is like spending time with a good pal. Her Frenchness is so charmingly ingrained into her cosmopolitan spirit and I love the feeling of intimacy it adds to her words.  Words richly enhanced by her wonderful illustrations (J’aime beaucoup) and photos.

Garance’s video diary “Pardon my French” is, in my opinion, like listening to really good friends talking about your favourite things. Many times, you would like to interupt and ask a question or add your own thoughts to see what Garance and her companion might think of what you have to say! Such is the inclusive feel and intimate mood of each and every video. No wonder Hollywood is calling!

Another huge plus…. If you are considering brushing up on your ‘Francais’, I can think of no better way to do so. Read ‘le blog de Garance Doré‘ in French (try!), then translate and see how you get on.  That’s what I’m doing and it’s better than French classes (been there done that) by a mile!

This week, my wish is that I may introduce someone new to Garance Doré and she will bring pleasure to their day as she has to mine.  If you are that person, I am so pleased.  Have lots of fun delving into the intriguing world of Garance and I will look forward to hearing what you think.

So now I’m off to explore the archives, I feel like I’ve read chapter one in a big fat juicy wonderful novel….. with sequels….. I can hardly wait!  Merci ma nouvelle amie Garance x

www.garancedore.fr (French)                www.garancedore.fr/en (English)

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