Aran Forever

When we were kids growing up in Dublin (with Galway roots),  the staple answer to freezing weather was aran sweaters. Incredibly warm and naturally waterproof (like the sheep they came from!). My brother, my two sisters and I were all proud owners of our own piece of Irish cultural history and we were always warm and dry to boot! Although we never viewed our arans as cutting edge fashion, we were aware that they were something quite special making a statement all of their own.  I still feel the same way.

So, it was interesting to see Alexa Chung design an aran for her collection at last winter.  Introducing the aran to the world of chichi.  Impossible to get your hands on now, unfortunately.

Alexa Chung Aran Sweater for
Alexa in Aran

Luckily, picking up an aran sweater online is easy. Here are some I like…

O Maille of Galway
The Sweater Shop Ireland

I can’t leave without saying that an aran, in my opinion, really is the ultimate boyfriend sweater (think Christmas!). Absolutely divine to borrow back for that oversized slouchy look on a long winter’s walk in the country…

The Sweater Shop Ireland

So, aran sweaters are back on my radar and when I find one I completely love the shape and knit of, I think I may indulge myself.  I’ll look forward to wearing it and feeling nostalgiac for that childhood warmth!

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