Beyond The Veil

On a recent day out, I caught my reflection in a shop window and exhaled slowly.  I looked tired.  Any bit of summer glow had glone!  I had done my usual freestyle makeup application that morning (mixing my mac foundation and face factor 50 in my hands before slapping on) but you’d never have known.  My face had swallowed all the foundation and the result, without wanting to sound too dramatic… the word ‘haggard’ springs to mind.

I was passing Harvey Nichols, so feeling vulnerable, I headed inside and over to the make up counter.  I explained my predicament to the very nice lady. She was a little taken aback when I went through my morning make up ritual with her (I’m not doing it right at all!), but with a kind heart and a sale in sight she took me on board.

We settled on Veil by Hourglass, a mineral based primer with SPF15, that neutralizes the skin, minimizes shine and creates a smooth canvas for flawless make up application.  Oh yes, and does that light reflecting thing that is supposed to be so good for aging skin… I’m in!  A pricey €65 for 30 mils, which I am assured will last me at least 6 months as only a very small amount is used per application.  Feeling like it might be the answer to all my problems, I dig deep and buy it.  I hope I’m not sorry.

Veil Hourglass

And the verdict?  It’s good, I like it and I think it’s making a difference.  I’m using it as advised: sparingly between moisturizer and foundation (now applied with a brush).  My makeup is definitely sitting better and it’s not fading as quickly.  In fact, I would go so far as to say, it’s lasting hours.  My face looks brighter and I am happy to tell you that I now pass the reflection test.   Thank you kind lady.

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