A Look Around Dundrum Town Centre

I spent a few very pleasant hours in Dundrum Town Centre  yesterday with my mum.  Living in a house full of boys means that girlie shopping moments are thin on the ground in my life.  So, any opportunity that comes my way to enjoy female company whilst perusing the rails of the stores, has to be given serious consideration!

First stop was BT2 to look at Cos.  I love Cos for their clean lines and crisp fabrics.  Structure is the word that springs to mind when I think about Cos.  Beautifully architected clothing with a price tag that makes it attainable.  I was drawn to a crisp white shirt with zip close to the back (not in my size unfortunately) I couldn’t spot it on their website but there are loads of  other white shirts worth looking at.  As usual there were several a-line style dresses.  These have, over the years, replaced jeans as my wardrobe staple.  I find they’re a great starting point for putting your every day look together. Easy day wear with  long-sleeved tee, pretty cardi and shoes or boots, or if you want you can glam it up with a dressy cardi and  heels.  I would recommend a visit to Cos (BT2 Dundrum or Grafton St) before the stock depletes too much.  Never fear with Cos though, as you can always buy online.  In fact, if you like their style, the website is a treasure trove of beautiful pieces.  One of my favourites!

Whilst in BT2 I tried on this Marc Jacobs dress.  I love the frills, very feminine and yet subtle in black.  A flattering shape, forgiving around the middle. Pretty with Opaque tights and nice vintage shoes. 

I didn’t make it into Zara this visit but on  a quick stop into Massimo Dutti, I tried this cardi on,  very pretty. Great structure with the chain giving it that Chanel slant

Massimo Dutti €79.95

I went into House of Frazier to look at Boutique Jaeger, I have, in the past, picked up some pretty pieces there. unfortunately they no longer stock it.  I’ll have to make a trip to Arnotts in Henry Street to take a look.  Next stop, Topshop in House of Frazier, to see if they have any interesting footwear.  My best buy would have to be these great boots.  They look super cool (and comfortable) and would work well with winter opaque tights.  The price is in sterling so don’t forget to convert.

Topshop ANDREAS Wedge Lace Up Boots £70.00

For some colour, I noticed that Gap have some great coloured long sleeved tees and some casual colourful knitwear. I think I’ll be rooting through last year’s cardis for my colour!

And so ended my girlie day out.  No purchases but lots of fun looking!  Now back to the real world……

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