Shoes shoes shoes

I am constantly seduced by shoes.  Every time I shop for them, I promise myself that I’ll get a cool comfy pair.  Friends for my feet.  Then I hit the shops and I lose my way under inches and inches of beautiful high heels and platforms.  I’m not saying that I don’t love what I buy, I do, it’s just that my feet need to love them too.  So this Autumn I’m determined to find that elusive pair of shoes that will love me as much as I love them.

I have always been a sucker for Prada.  They, in my opinion, really are the most beautiful shoes you can buy.  Of course, a lot of trawling discount websites and some smart sale shopping is usually the only way I can afford them.  Close seconds are Marni.  I just love the design, they really can put a new slant on last year’s dress.   Again, not cheap by any means but if I can find them at the right price, I can’t resist.  They, like Prada, are timeless and slip effortlessly into vintage after a few years.  You should never get rid of them, Just leave them at the bottom of your wardrobe and love looking at them until you decide to bring them out again, which you inevitably will.  Of course I spend ages trawling around the likes of Ebay, The Outnet and Yoox, hoping for a miracle find.  And the good news….. yes they are out there.

Even if it’s only for pleasure and inspiration.  Click on the links above and discover this season’s shoes to covet!

In the meantime, I bought these cute Mary Janes from Topshop.  I will dream on…..

Mary Janes from Topshop

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