A Little Luxury

You don’t have to be in a tropical climate to own a really nice pair of sunglasses.  In fact, as we don’t always have the opportunity to wear our summer clothes, I feel it’s even more important for us to love our sunglasses.  Let’s face it, they are without a doubt, the most used part of our summer wardrobe and we wear them every day.   An investment piece.  The last pair of sunglasses I bought were Oliver Peoples.  I bought them 4 years ago in Biarritz.  They were not cheap and it hurt me paying for them, but I wasn’t sorry as I wore them to death!  I still love them but truthfully felt it was time for an update, so this year, I treated myself to a pair of Orla Kiely sunglasses. I love them as they’re just the right amount of fashion and fun.

 More Orla Kiely HERE

My other favourites were these Carven I found on the Net-A-Porter site.  Now these would put you in a good mood, what a great colour pop!  Statement sunglasses that would be amazing with everything.   Very Cool!

More Net A Porter HERE

Loads more sunglasses to view on July Board on 

5 thoughts on “A Little Luxury

  1. Love sunglasses! I have WAY too many but one of my fave pairs is Oliver People’s I love how they are known but not super trendy. I really like those Orla Kiely ones.

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