Starting Off

So…..I’ve set up a blog!  I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and now I’ve done it.

All I need now is something interesting to say.

So what do I love enough to talk about?

Creativity.   I love creativity in all it’s marvellous forms.  I am fascinated with the way it interacts with our lives incessantly.  That another person’s vision can be so all-encompassing.  A magnificent building sitting in a city skyline.  A beautifully designed garden.  A women with a style that tells the story of who she is so eloquently.  Now this I love especially.  The place where design meets us head on.  The pleasure of being able to express through your individual dress who you are at a given moment in time and the joy of doing it well.  It’s great fun, purposeful, directional. It, without a doubt, adds to your day!

Shopping!  Well rummaging really because you don’t necessarily have to buy anything.  The joy is in finding what you love  The bliss of trawling through the shops, piecing together a look.  Theraputic!

People. I get great pleasure from listening to interesting wordy, funny people telling their stories.  I love to listen to, or read other people’s opinions.  Personally, I find opinions far more attractive  than hard facts. There is so much room for movement.  Having a point of view is so inclusive.  Wonderful!

So aiming towards being a fashion and lifestyle blogger seems like a good place to start.

And why stylewaffle?  Well….. it takes the pressure off!

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